Pop Culture thoughts by Sarah Merenda




Pop Culture…thinking about my definition.. in 3 sentences.

Pop Culture is something in current society that is embraced by many people.  It could be a fashion style, music style, meme, artist, artist movement, a saying or word pairing.  This thing is attractive and catches on to a wide group of people and typically has a life span of when it is regarded as “hip” or “cool”.

Here is an example of pop culture from the late 80’s

Sweet Brown’s Cold Pop Sensation

This is an example of an internet sensation or a meme.

I think Sweet Brown’s narrative builds on itself with every sentence, which seems to intrigue

and has led to the autotune remix.

the anatomy of pop culture

If my parts were made up of pop culture, which parts would represent what?

hmmmmm… not sure.

what about a squirrel?

If a squirrel represented pop culture…

Well, It’s eyes would be the cameras that are constantly taking snapshots of style and image.

It’s ears would represent the hype and stream of gossip buzzing about.

The mouth would represent all of the forceful biting that has to happen to be able to get to “chomp the bit” at the right time.  Plus it’s storing all of the other ideas and food for the future.

It’s hands and claws would represent the grasping and sometimes painful climbing that has to be done to get noticed .

it’s digestive system would represent all of the crap that has to get taken in, the nature of eating and finding the nutrients that may be in there…somewhere.

It’s legs would represent strength to reach leaps and bounds that perhaps some may take to make a difference and be seen.

It’s feet represent the balancing act to remain on top.

and it’s tail, well – quite naturally is the buzz- the outfit, that everyone wants and talks about.

Pop Music Star Wars

Who’s better?  I guess that’s a matter of opinion…

Who means more to pop music?  Who is more influential?

I have my opinion for sure.., but does it make it right?

Here are Two pop music icons, who mean a lot to many people for different reasons.

how pop culture is making us smarter- my thoughts


I found this video to be informative and provoked me to think about games in a different way.  I found the piece about his nephews method of quick learning through interactive gaming quite interesting.  The game Civilization that he mentioned at the end seems especially engaging in a mindful way as well.

Growing up in the states and living in NYC,  i see people young and old on there phones constantly playing games.  It always seemed like a waste of time to me, a way of being antisocial and lazy.  But Yes, It is the way of the future.

One of my friends baby’s first words was “Game”.  Her Grandma would let her use her phone to play on. She is an exceptionally brilliant child and would ask for his phone a lot to play “Games”.  My friend wasn’t buying into it because he didn’t want her to go that route at such a young age.  Now, i am considering calling him to tell him perhaps he should rethink his decision.

I typically go along with the people that he mentioned that believe pop culture is destroying the way of the future.  I see his point, but I’m not sure if i totally agree.

‘Cognitive engagement is on an upswing” from his information.  I agree that may be true,  yet i think that there is a huge amount of people that influence pop culture who are still asleep and do not help our cognitive thinking.  A classic example are the Kardashians.

Blondie Rapture


This video changed pop culture from my perspective. Blondie brought elements from pop, punk, hiphop and graffiti culture together.